Clair De Lune

Clair De Lune

The 6-passenger barge, Clair De Lune operates as a luxury hotel barge along the wonderful UNESCO site of the "Canal Du Midi." The design of the Clair De Lune includes an airy, spacious and luminous interior with the style and comfort of a first-class hotel. 



Main Course

Exotic Marinated Fowls Topped with Freshly Chopped Coriander

Grilled Escalope of Salmon on a Bed of Watercress and Spinach Sauce Beurre Blanc

Lightly Toasted Goat Cheese on Greens Brushed with Raspberry Vinegar Dressing

Roasted Lamb with a Crusty Coat Flavored with Garlic, Parsley and Lemon

Medallion of Veal Served with a Mushroom Strudel and Baby Carrots

Delice from Smoked Trout in a Red Pepper Sauce

Tournedos with a Lean Reduced Wine Sauce Potatoes - Galette and Green Beans

Foie Gras Surrounded by Thinly Smoked Duck in the Green

Gratineted Filet of Sol and Homemade Pasta and Simmered Fennel

Mussels Steamed in Chardonnay Wine Topped with a Shallots Creme Sauce

Maigret De Canard with Honey and Cinnamon and a Gratin from Zucchinis and Fresh Figs


Clair De Lune's Chocolate Dream

Mousse a l 'Orange Sprinkled with Roasted Almonds

Pear Simmered in Red Wine with Homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream

Creme Brulee Catalan

Tartelets Stuffed with Mango and Apples on a Bed of Kiwi and Ginger and Caramel Sauce

Clair De Lune Food & Wine


Clair De Lune Food & Wine


Clair De Lune Food & Wine


At A Glance

Midi Region
  • Up to 6 passengers, Classic Traditional

  • From USD$5,150 per person

  • Region: South of France, Midi Region

  • Access: Narbonne Train Station

  • Start City: Narbonne

  • End City: Narbonne

  • Cruise Highlights: Tour Narbonne’s Archbishop’s Palace and experience the colorful market, See the Cathar hilltop town of Minerve with its spectacular setting, Tour of the medieval city of Carcassonne

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