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From the bridges of Paris to the beaches of Normandy and the sunny landscapes of the Mediterranean, you will experience all of France in unsurpassed style and comfort. You’ll experience France from north to south, sailing three rivers and embarking upon in-depth shore excursions. 15 Days total, 2 back to back cruises on 2 different ships, which will take from Paris to Avignon/Provence in Southern France.

Van Gogh Restaurant aboard River Baroness
The exquisite River Baroness features abundant amounts of space for all of her passengers on board to enjoy and discover. Amid the 3 different decks, vacationers can choose from various activities to help you pass time peacefully or ease your stress. You can also converse with other travelers and create new friendships.

The Van Gogh Restaurant is a highly applauded open-seated restaurant. Here, only the finest of cuisine is served and all meals are prepared with only the region’s finest of ingredients. Savor upon delectable cookery delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests will also be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that passes while dining.

Sunny afternoons or mellow evenings can be spent over a cocktail in the lovely Monet bar and lounge area. Here, you may also enjoy the magnificent landscapes. This lounge is a wonderful place for guests to relax with a toast to adventure.

Guests who would like to remain active with an organized exercise program while sailing can take advantage of our exceptional fitness area.

Other amenities:
  • Sun deck with chess and shuffleboard
  • Library/game room
  • Serenity River Spa
  • Gift boutique
  • 24-hour specialty coffee & tea bar
  • 24-hour reception service
  • Free internet access and WiFi in public areas
  • Massage treatments
  • Complimentary bicycles and Nordic walking sticks
River Baroness Restaurant
Captain's Welcome Gala

River Baroness Lounge

River Baroness Fitness Center Fitness Center
River Baroness by France Cruises
At A Glance

  •  Up to 120 passengers, Riverboat Cruise

  • From USD$7,499 per person

  • Region: Paris, Burgundy & Provence

  • Access: Paris TGV Station/Airport

  • Start City: Paris

  • End City: Arles

  • Cruise Highlights: 12 days of excursions, including “Choice Is Yours” options, all fully hosted by English-speaking local experts. Guided "Go Active," "Do as the Locals Do," "Village Day" and "Gentle Walking" options. 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites. First class TGV train between Paris and Lyon.

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