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The Rhone, the impetuous guest at the table of monks, popes,and kings. This mighty river goes back to the birth of Time. The Rhone is a major thoroughfare that is the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. On this cruise you will criss-cross wonderful landscapes and prestigious names in the world of wine.

Visit some of the most historical places in the world while experiencing the authentic tastes of local foods. Take time to explore places such as Lyon, Avignon, and Arles.


Magic of the Provencal Rhone


Gorges de l'Ardeche The Rhone, the impetuous guest at the table of monks, popes, and kings goes back to the birth of Time. It is one of four great French rivers which rises in Switzerland in the Saint Gothard massif, 1,750 meters above sea level, and keeps the impetuous character of its Alpine origins. In 1934, the "Compagnie Generale du Rhone" made plans for its development. Canals, civil engineering works at Genissat, Donzere-Mondragon... Locks at Bollene, Vallabregues. It is a seductive and gastronomic destination. Mediterranean by vocation, it takes us to the heart of our Gallo-Roman roots. But it also invites us on a veritable pilgrimage to the most famous vineyards which flourish on its banks with a foray to the north on its accomplice, the Saone.

There is a very strange alliance behind the story of the Rhone valley. That of Rome and Christianity. Two civilisations which left their mark in the towns which will be the ports of call. Lyons, capital of the Gauls, St-Vallier where Diane de Poitiers lived. Viviers, a charming medieval and episcopal town. Avignon and the Palais des Papes rising on its rocky pinnacle. Beaucaire and its traditional, picturesque market. The walls of Tarascon and the castle of the refined King Rene. Arles, a rich and welcoming Provencal town. And finally Aix, the first Roman encampment, and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the refuge of Sarah, the patron saint of gypsies.

Today, the CroisiEurope cruises, particularly those during which presentations are given by wine specialists and wine makers, pay homage to the celebrated reputation of the vintages of the Rhone valley: Beaujolais and Burgundy, Cotes du Rhone and Cotes de Provence, not to mention the sparkling wine of Cassis.

Croisi Europe Excursions

CroisiEurope Excursions

During your cruise there will be many excursions offered. You will be able to explore the cities and sites on your cruise route. On these excursions, any transfers to the places visited will be handled for you. Usually they will take place by coach. Also taken care of will be any admission to the tourist sites, guides, etc... in order to offer you a "turnkey" tour. Certain tours not far from the boat can be done on foot in the company of a CroisiEurope hostess. You will be given a brief presentation of the various excursions at your various destinations.

NOTE: Excursions are offered in French, English and other languages according to the passengers onboard.

Included Saone & Rhone Excursion Package includes guided tours and visits to the attractions on your cruise route. They are all pre-reserved at the time of booking your cruise.

CroisiEurope Excursions 2 CroisiEurope Excursions 2
  • Avignon and the Pope's Palace – a gothic fortress decorated with frescos from the 14th century
  • Guided tour of Lyon – the most archeological site behind Roma and the second largest preserved sector from the Renaissance era
  • The Camargue with its fauna and flora
  • Guided tour of Viviers which is the third largest protected sector in the Rhone Alpes regions
  • Guided tour of Vienne
  • Cluny Abbey
  • Guided tour of Arles and visit of an olive oil production site where the owners will explain the cultivation and production of the yellow gold of Provence
  • The Ardeche Gorge
  • Excursion into the Vercors


At A Glance

  •  Up to 158 passengers, Riverboat Cruise

  • 2 to 9 Night Cruise Programs

  • From USD $698 per person

  • Region: Rhone River (Burgundy/Provence)

  • Access: Paris TGV Station / Airport

  • Cruise Highlights: Experience the wild and unspoilt Camargue.  Visit Arles and its exceptional heritage. Go on an excursion to the Ardèche gorges. Take a trip to the Vercors plateau. See traditional Avignon and the Pope's Palace. Take a walking tour of Arles. Excursion to the Vercors.

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