A~ROSA Rhone/Saone

Its time to treat yourself to French savoir vivre – ("knowing how to live") on a trip through France's Provence and Camargue to the Mediterranean coast. This is Europe's most beautiful countryside, you will experience not being able to get enough of the picturesque scenery. Pass through world-famous wine-growing regions such as the Côte d'Or, discover unique landscapes such as Burgundy, or the coastal vistas of the Côte d'Azure. But you won't just love the views: on the A-ROSA, the culinary treats on board complement the visual feast and ensure optimum relaxation.

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At A Glance

  •  Up to 174 passengers, Riverboat Cruise

  • From USD$1,729 per person

  • Region: Burgundy & Provence Region

  • Access: Lyon TGV Station / Airport

  • Start City: Lyon

  • End City: Lyon

  • Cruise Highlights: Visit to the old town Lyon – Lyon is dubbed "la ville de gueule" – the gourmet town. Take a walk on the main business roads of Macon. Visit to Arles where Vincent van Gogh painted many of his works. Discover La Voulte – which is a beautiful french village.

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