Grand France

Grand France

Connoisseurs of everything French -- culinary masterpieces, robust wines, the Eiffel Tower, quaint villages, ethereal landscapes, sun-baked vineyards, cathedrals, and sites of historic greatness -- will find this 14-day tour absolutely enthralling. Sail north and explore world famous Paris. Visit the charming towns and villages such as Honfleur and Giverny, that were so inspirational to the Impressionist artists. Be inspired as you walk the beaches of Normandy where the Allied forces landed during WWII’s D-Day Invasion, and visit Rouen and the very site where Joan of Arc was martyred.  Vive la France!


Combine the Burgundy & Provence cruise with the Paris & Normandy cruise -- the River Royale with the River Baroness -- and you've got the epic 14-day French journey known as Grand France. This itinerary takes you on an extended tour of French life and culture aboard two elegant cruise ships across two acclaimed French regions.


From the moment guests board their exquisite river cruising vessel, there is an unmistakable atmosphere of opulence and charm. An expert, friendly staff is ready to greet and assist all new travelers both at the voyage's onset and throughout.

A porter will guide arriving guests to their staterooms and assist with any luggage. The staterooms measure approximately 151 sq. ft. while the exclusive suite measures approximately 217 sq. ft.  All accommodations brilliantly combine necessity and comfort with en suite bathrooms and the availability of L'Occitane body products and bathrobes for a touch of extravagance.


At 361' long and 37.5' wide, the River Baroness offers her 128 passengers plenty of space to move freely about her decks.

Inside the 64 staterooms, each measuring approximately 128 sq. ft., passengers will find the union of necessity and comfort. En suite bathrooms allow for maximum privacy while on board, and the availability of L'Occitane body products and bathrobes adds an extravagant touch.

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