Savoir Vivre

Savoir Vivre is an 8-passenger hotel barge cruising the waterways of Burgundy.  Her immaculate design and chic interior represent a great experience in luxury barging. She aims its spoils and charms at a younger generation of cruise enthusiasts in hopes of adding an adventurous vim and vigor to the world of barging.

Savoir Vivre hotel barge

Unlike the others, Savoir Vivre hotel barge wasn't a commerical barge in the past - she's a completely brand new ship. Commissioned in 2009, she was designed solely to take travelers on a memorable and joyous experience along the inland waters of France.

Savoir Vivre brings a new experience to hotel barging by having dinners ashore at local restaurants. James, the host, strives to give passengers a closer look into the French way of life and extraordinary cuisine.

The four cabins have en-suite facilities and full-size windows to enjoy the idyllic scenery. Each bedrooms comes with electrically adjustable orthopedic beds, digital climate control, air fans, full size mirrors and desk & chair.

Encapsulating the stunning Burgundy Canal is culture, architecture, history and natural beauty.

Along the canal, one can expect to see lush vineyards, explore ancient chateauxs, and discover colorful markets.

The views are constantly changing... one moment you’ll be surrounded by vineyards and the next a lock keeper’s house laden with flowers seeing first hand the incredible and ingenious durability of one of Europe’s greatest pioneering transport systems.

You will marvel at the charm, romance and humbling beauty which only a village or chateau dating from the 12th century can offer. They charm and inspire you through their quiet, unassuming authenticity – magnificent.

Aboard Savoir Vive, you will get savor all of this and more... which amounts to the "The Savoir Vivre Way."

Savoir Vivre on deck Savoir Vivre

At A Glance

  •  Up to 8 passengers, Classic Traditional

  • From USD$3,500 per person

  • Region: Burgundy Region

  • Access: Dijon TGV Station

  • Start City: Fleurey

  • End City: Escommes

  • Cruise Highlights: examine ancient wine presses and learn about wine making on a visit to Chateau Du Clos De Vougeot, visit the immaculately preserved Hospice De Beaune, mingle with locals at the famed Dijon market day, discover the world of cheese making on a visit to Ferme De Poisset, explore the medieval town of Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, & enjoy daily onshore dining at authentic restaurants..

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