5 Best River Cruise Destinations for Your Family Holiday

5 Best River Cruise Destinations for Your Family Holiday

Families from all over the world are embarking on a river cruise this summer to enjoy some rest and relaxation with their partners and children. So what is so inviting about a french river cruise? Well there are plenty of things to do at each destination, so your family will always have something to cater for everyone. Activities like cycling, bike tours, and daily trips to local towns, offera really attractive getaway for all the family. You can explore a range of different destinations either on foot or by bike, and if you don’t fancy stepping off the boat for an entire afternoon, that’s fine too, as you can relax and take in the scenery as you glide by the epic backdrops, whilst dining on exquisite local dishes. 


Check out these 5 top river cruise destinations: 

1. Anjodi' Canal Du Midi Cruise in France


Price:  ($4500-$5500)
Passengers: 8 

Checkout Itirnerary : Anjodi' Canal Du Midi Cruise

The Anjodi hotel barge cruise creates a charming experience for a total of 8 passengers, which lets you explore the beautiful and fascinating route from Marseillan to Le Somail. Visit Pezenas, the world’s oldest canal tunnel at Malpa, Pyrenees Mountains, and Carcassonne city. 


2. 'Finesse' Cruise in Burgundy


Price: (Over $6500)
Passengers: 8

Checkout Itirnerary : Finesse' Cruise in Burgundy

“Finesse” is a newly built double decker france barge cruise. The boat itself has really modern interiors, and includes very spacious cabins. On top side there is a large deck to sun yourselves, make those valuable family memories, and sneak a peek through the demonstration galley to see your private chefs,whilst they prepare mouth-watering culinary dishes. You can also kick back in the hot tub as you cruise on by. 

Upon this cruise you will be able to explore the historic city of Dijon, Château de Germolles,Beaune and Autun, by bike or on foot. 


3. 'La Bella Vita' Cruise In Italy


Price: ($3000-$4500)
Passengers: 20

Checkout Itirnerary : 'La Bella Vita' Cruise In Italy

This cruise is truly a magical experience when you visit Venice and the Renaissance city of Mantua. Take in the sights of many different cultures including Roman, Etruscan, Istrian, and Byzantine. Enjoy the diverse landscape, and the picturesque backdrops. Explore the history of Venice with a tour of Chioggia, dine ashore with the locals at Schifanoia Palace or Mantua’s Ducal Palace. 


4. La Belle Epoque' Cruise In Burgundy


Price: ($5500-$6500)
Passengers: 12

Checkout Itirnerary : La Belle Epoque' Cruise In Burgundy

This cruise is from our hotel barge collection. It is designed to provide maximum comfort to all passengers, and it includes a dining room, sun deck pool, and many other amazing features. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Château de Commarin. Dinelike a Baroness andtest your taste buds at a private wine tasting of Chablis wines, as well as private champagne tasting as well.


5.  Magna Carta' Cruise In England


Price: ($4500-$5500)
Passengers: 8

Checkout Itirnerary : La Belle Epoque' Cruise In Burgundy

The Magna Carta is a hotel barge and is one of the finest vessels of the British Isles to date. It is a combination of traditional and contemporary features that create an amazing ambience,when you embark on the cruise. The large saloon style furnishing and modern amenities make it an extremely attractive choice.  France cruise lets you explore Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace, the moor beneath, a tour of Highclere Castle, a chance to see Windsor Castle and towpath to enjoy walking or cycling.


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