6 Reasons to Visit France by River Cruise

 6 Reasons to Visit France by River Cruise

A French river cruise offers an immense and luxurious travelling experience when you visit the natural and historical beauty of the country. Imagine sailing from one place to another without navigations, plans, local taxis, reaching a “new port” every day. From mouth-watering food and wine, to bike riding and sightseeing,there is so much to do on a river cruise. 

Here are the top reasons to travel to France by River Cruise

1. All inclusive inclusive: Once you book your river cruise in France, you’llreap the benefits of an all-inclusive vacationas each cruise will include 3 meals a day, as well as whatever you want to drink, and also your city tours. The itinerary varies as per the service providers but almost everything is covered and depends upon cruise type i.e. luxury French barge cruises. It’s worth checking with the providers to see if the exclusion may include bike tours, hikes other special interests.

2. Packing and unpacking: on a river cruise, you travel from one city to another, enjoy sightseeing and then return at the end of the day to your cabin. So like a holiday you only need to pack and unpack once, whereas other trips you would need to pack and unpack every time you leave for the next city. 

3. Enjoy the best vineyards: When you reach each city, you will always have a range of activates to choose from, such as museum visits, and sightseeing in historical places etc. There are also a range of Wine tasting activities, allowing you to sample some of the best wines across the French region. You can also choose Loire river cruises to explore French history.

4. Take in the beauty of France: The most beautiful cities are located on the major rivers of Europe, and a cruise is one of the best travelling options to explore these cities. Paris on the Seine, Lyon on the Rhone and Bordeaux on the Gironde. 

France Cruise gives you numerous no. Of options to enjoy france beauty. 

5. Mouth-watering French cuisine: France is home to some of the tastiest culinary dishes in the world, so obviously we recommend you taste the local cuisine whilst on your vacation. Not sure where to go to get the ultimate French experience? No problemas the cruise serves the best local dishesyou would normally find in the heart of the cities of France, all including wine of course. However if you’re looking to immerse yourself in true French culture, you can always pop on shore as and when you want.

6.  Locks experience on France river cruise:Locks are where boats sail higher or lower on a river. This happens when the height of the water is suddenly changed. On the Seine River in France, you will get a lot of opportunities to experience the locks. It can be a funny experience for some, particularly if you are on a cruise for the first time. 

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