7 Things To Know Before Taking A River Cruise In France

7 Things To Know Before Taking A River Cruise In France

Is River Cruise in France on your next bucket list? I must say that you have great taste in traveling. It is going to give you an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. The beauty of France will take you to another level of traveling. From the halls of a beautiful Chateau, there is plenty of things to see on the River Cruise. We have summed up a few things which you should know before starting your holiday on the River Cruise in France.


1. Memorable Experience - Once in a Lifetime

Imagine yourself on the river cruise, surrounded by the water, floating towards the Seine en route and heading towards the next destination with French cuisine in one hand and a camera in another one. Feeling relaxed? This is what you are going to experience on the France river cruise exactly. The river cruise gives you an immense pleasure of seeing the country from the water. If you take full advantage of the cruise, you will be kept busy from breakfast until your dinner.


2. Unable to Feel that You are moving at River At all

Some people have a fear of being wavy in the river, that the boat will rock in the wave and maybe they can also get hurt in this. We are also amazed by seeing this that sailing on river France cruise is so smooth and moving from one port to another port is just like riding on the smooth road. Sometimes even you can’t feel that you have crossed so much distance until you come out to see outside.

On another note, France rivers are shallow so if any mishappening occurs you can easily come up until the help comes. The banks on France rivers are at a small distance so the situation can be easily handled.


3. Overpacking & Underpacking: Both are Bad!

The weather in France is unpredictable so your packing should follow the pattern, else you are going to shiver outside at the time of enjoying the scene from the cruise. Rain can also be another change, although Cruise has their umbrellas to enjoy the scene in a more immense way. It is always advised to carry comfortable shoes as many opportunities to get off and explore the surroundings are made available during your cruise.


4. Best Destination for the Photographer’s

River Cruise in France is a fun loving and memorable experience for everyone. When it comes to photographers, it gives another amazing experience to them. From the very first day, you will start clicking photos of beautiful churches, cliffs, and Chateau. You will get beautiful pictures from the water. We bet that the beauty of river bends is not going to disappoint you being a photographer.


5. Don’t miss out the local Cuisine of France

Enjoying and living the beauty of France is the great thing but in all of this, your taste buds are missing out of something. France’s Cuisine is a big part of the culture, this is another memorable thing on the river cruise. Your cruise will probably serve you the most famous dishes of the nearest location but ships can’t replicate local cuisine as authentically. Spare some time, find the nearest cafe or restaurant for local cuisine and enjoy! It is even better if your ship is staying at night at some location.


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6. Traveling alone on a cruise is alright

Are you worried about traveling on cruise alone and thinking to drop out of the plan? Then, I must say that don’t do this. You will get a very friendly environment on the cruise, courtesies staff will be there always when you need them. The cruise environment is not like a 5-star hotel, they welcome you with an open heart and big smile on their face. There is a chance of getting a good friend on your river cruise in France.


7. Enjoy the Locks Experience on France River Cruise

Let’s introduce you to “Lock” first. It is the place where boats sail higher or lower on a river. This happens when the height of the water is suddenly changed. On the Seine River in France, you will get a lot of opportunities to experience the locks. It is a funny experience and maybe thrilling ( If you are on a cruise for the first time). I will say this is one of another memorable experience which is going to be with you for the lifetime.

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