Why is Canal & River Cruising so special?

Why is Canal & River Cruising so special?

Have you noticed when you’re chit-chatting with friends and family about vacations, that it seems nearly everyone knows someone who has either been on a river cruise recently or is considering it?

The wonderful world of canal & river cruising has truly come into vogue – Here’s why:

New Destinations: Many of seasoned ocean cruisers have sailed almost everywhere you can sail by ocean. River cruising is a completely new way to discover destinations that only the smaller river ships can access.

They can see the inland parts of the world and still be in the luxury French barge cruises, where you unpack one time and enjoy seeing new sights.

Immersive Adventures: In many ways, river cruising is more akin to a land tour than an ocean cruising experience.  River cruises are port-intensive, visiting a new destination once, or even twice, a day. The local villages, towns and city centers are the key attractions, rather than the over-the-top features onboard the ocean-going ships.
Particularly appealing for foodies, river cruising like seine river cruise paris allows the chef to step off the ship in each port to purchase fresh, locally sourced food for his/her culinary creations. On some itineraries, guests also have the opportunity to go to a farmer’s market with the chef

Authentic & Personal Overall Experience: Beyond the ports of call, river cruising is also about the shore excursions, onboard food and service and the all-inclusive appeal that is standard with most river cruises.
The intimate, smaller size of river ships is also appealing, and provides a boutique hotel experience. The low guest-to-staff ratio allows for highly personalized attention paid to the guests.

Travel Your Way: Guests can squeeze in a lot of sightseeing, walking or biking as they see fit, into the river cruise experience. Plus, the river cruise lines offer a bevy of activities like hikes, golf, kayaking, cooking classes…And for those who would rather take it slow and easy, they can opt to sit calmly on deck, with a picturesque riverscape always before them as they pass by forests, fields, medieval castles, palaces, churches, and all of the charming towns and cities that line the riverbanks.

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