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June 13 2019 |

6 Reasons to Visit France by River Cruise

A French river cruise offers an immense and luxurious travelling experience when you visit the natural and historical beauty of the country. Imagine s...


March 18 2019 | General France Travel

Why is Canal & River Cruising so special?

Have you noticed when you’re chit-chatting with friends and family about vacations, that it seems nearly everyone knows someone who has either b...


December 19 2018 | News & Announcements

Merry Christmas!



October 13 2018 | Cruise Spotlight | Destination: Burgundy

Celebrating the French 'Savoir Vivre' in Burgundy

Celebrate the true art of living aboard the canal barge Savoir Vivre, as it offers a fascinating cruise along the Ouche Valley and one of France's...


October 4 2018 | News & Announcements

FRANCE CRUISES is one of The World’s Best once-in-a-lifetime Journeys!

We are pleased to announce that FRANCE CRUISES has been selected as one of "The World’s Best once-in-a-lifetime Journeys For 2018©&quo...


May 3 2019 |

7 Things To Know Before Taking A River Cruise In France

Is River Cruise in France on your next bucket list? I must say that you have great taste in traveling. It is going to give you an unforgettable experi...


December 26 2018 | Cruise Spotlight | Destination: Provence

Pure Provence Experience

Introducing Pure Provence Experience.One of the most authentic and enriching Signature CruiseTour Packages by FRANCE CRUISES. ♦ You...


October 17 2018 | Christmas & New Year | Destination: Paris

Christmas Magic in Paris!

Christmas comes to Paris and lights up the streets: let yourself be carried away by our cruise in the heart of the French capital. Discover Paris, a m...


October 12 2018 | Christmas & New Year | Destination: Alsace

Christmas Markets in Alsace

Christmas Markets in Alsace: The sweet atmosphere of a traditional Christmas season... NEW! France Cruises is offering a magical 4 days mini-c...


September 18 2018 | Family Friendly

4 Reasons to Cruise the French Canals with Your Family

Family Cruises: Hotel barges - the perfect environment for family & friends   1. Family-Friendly Accommodations & Amenities...

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