Roi Soleil

Roi Soleil has more to do with luxury yachting than barging. Her lines and mahogany and brass trim are inspired by the classic motor yachts of the 1920's while her interior brings you the best of contemporary design and comfort. 
Whether your passion is for history, arts and crafts, adventure, village atmosphere, wine discovery or shopping... your cruise onboard Roi Soleil is personally tailored to your specific interests. In addition, innovative gourmet cuisine with cooking demonstrations in open plan bar/ kitchen is part of the fabulous experience aboard the vessel.


Hotel Barge Roi Soleil

'Roi Soleil' Cruise in the Midi & Provence

7 Days Beziers to Carcassonne (or reverse)

Available for Private Charter cruises only (2 to 6 guests)

At A Glance

  • Type: Hotel Barge 
  • Category Rating: Ultra Deluxe (5*)
  • 3 cabins 
  • 6 passengers 
  • 4 crew 
  • Available for Private Charter cruises only (2 to 6 guests)
  • Cruise Routes: Canal du Midi and Provence

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