The Rhone River

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Rhone River Cruise to Explore the Beauty of France

This is one of the major rivers in Europe flowing through Provence and some other France's historical places. The river starts flowing from the mountain to the Mediterranean. A Rhone river cruise travels through Lyon followed by ancient towns, lavender fields and landscapes of Van Gogh. Rhone river barge cruise journey doesn't end here; it passes through the wild nature areas with horses of Camargue. You're in a treat if you are choosing France cruises for your next cruise tour.


'Napoleon' Rhone & Provence Cruise

7 Days Lyon to Avignon (or reverse)

Available for Individual Cabin Bookings and Full Boat Private Charters (8 to 12 guests)

  • Tour Code : NAP-AIF
  • Tour Type : Hotel Barge Cruises | Luxury Collection
  • Barge Ratings : 12 Passengers - Ultra Deluxe (5*)
  • Provence | The Rhone River
  • 7 Days
Price Category : $$$$$ (Over $6500)

Colors of Provence ~ AmaCello

8 Days from Lyon to Arles (or reverse)

Available for Individual Cabin Bookings and Groups

  • Tour Code : AMA-PRO
  • Tour Type : Riverboat Cruises
  • Provence | The Rhone River
  • 8 Days
  • Experience : Wine Connoisseur
Price Category : $$ ($3000-$4500)
Special offer available
Save Up to $1O00 Per Stateroom On Select Dates

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